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At Brown Creative Consulting, our creative project is efficient business planning and management strategies for small, successful design firms. We offer consultation regarding all aspects of overhead, including financial planning, human resources, marketing and general operations.


  • Provide high level financial support and project reporting

  • Expertise in ArchiOffice and QuickBooks

  • Reporting on efficiencies and profitability

  • Cash flow projections

  • Budgeting for projects, overhead and special events

  • Tools needed for effective project delivery

Financial Management

& Planning:​​

Human Resources:

  • Consultation on recruiting new hires

  • Expertise in crafting job descriptions for support staff

  • Assistance with new hire onboarding

  • Benefits package audit

  • Recommendations for retention and promotions

  • Creating or editing Employee Handbooks

  • Planning and executing performance evaluations

  • Marketing and business development strategy

  • Budgeting and planning for areas of focus

  • Managing and/or art directing marketing projects

  • Event planning

  • Creation of copy for proposals, websites, social media, and newsletters

Marketing & Business Development:

Project-Related Work

  • Review and consultation on agreements and contracts

  • Project staffing plans

  • Budgeting and negotiation assistance 

  • Goals for project efficiencies

  • Review of project profitability

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