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  • Hannah Brown

HR Policy Trends for the AIA Practice Management

Andy Goldsworthy's "Watershed" at the deCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA. A little inspiration from on a getaway this summer.

2024 has been a whirlwind, but I managed to put something down in writing - just not for my own blog. I was asked to join a handful of esteemed colleagues to write about current trends in human resources. This was a great opportunity to reflect on all the things I've seen changing, and continuing to change, since the onset of the pandemic and the rise of Black Lives Matter, which drew our attention to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging programs in the workplace.

You can find my article here on the AIA's Practice Management Knowledge Community. And I highly recommend the other articles in the series as food for thought as you think about your programs and policies. This issue includes an article by PR's amazing Iva Kravitz and whirlwind, Evelyn Lee, FAIA, who is soon to be President of the AIA National.

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