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  • Hannah Brown

We're hiring an HR and Financial Admin

Anyone who has met with me in the past couple of years has seen something like the below image in my zoom background. Sunny has been an excellent listener, holding business undertakings in confidence and staying in a blissful state of non-judgement. In many ways, Sunny is a zen master of human resources, but unfortunately she isn't helpful on answering questions and administrating various plans. Which is why Brown Creative Consulting is seeking a motivated, curious doer to join our team in the new role of Human Resources and Financial Administrator. Ideally, the position will be part-time, although someone with more experience may be able to broaden the role and take on more responsibilities. The position may be remote or partially remote.

The ideal candidate will be able to take on both Human Resources and Financial tasks as outlined in the attached description, managing tasks lists across multiple clients and organizing those tasks to deal with most urgent issues first. If someone is well versed in only Human Resources or only Bookkeeping, we are willing to train in the other area so long as the candidate brings a genuine desire to stretch themselves and learn new systems and software. Poise when speaking with clients and employees is a must; the issues they will bring to you may be stressful or a significant change for them. It is also important to be OK with saying, "I don't know, but I will get back to you." We don't hold all the answers and some issues need research, others need a specialist to become involved.

Want to hear more? We've put together a Job Description here and welcome you to pass this along to those you know who might fit the bill.

2024 BCC HR Generalist Job Description
Download PDF • 78KB

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